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PAMS SalonⅤCase studies of cultural practices in/with the local communities

A Salon, co-organized by PAMS, international cooperation organizations, and experts!

Oct.9th(Wed) 13:30 ~ 15:00
IEUM Center IEUM Art Hall(5F)
Regional Culture & Development Agency(RCDA)


Along with the trend of localization, decentralization, etc., the category of Culture in policy delving into the local/local communities and daily lives is expanding. Recent changes in cultural policy, such as cultural decentralization according to regional division, require that various cultural/artistic projects be initiated or discussed and developed with the community in each of the communities the person belongs to, rather than from the outside.In this regard, we explore trends in foreign cultural policies and the recent cases and share cases in Korea to see the meaning and future of social engagement that the phenomenon evokes.

Co-organised Organization


Regional Culture & Development Agency(RCDA)

The Regional Culture & Development Agency (RCDA) was established with the aim of promoting cultural values in each region of Korea, promoting the continuous and voluntary cultural competency of the residents, and supporting projects and activities to promote the local culture and living culture. The RCDA supports various projects in order to cultivate a cultural forest that is rooted in many parts of the region and enjoyed by all people.



Moderator Jee-hye Suh CEO, Inculture Consulting

SUH Jee-hye is CEO of Inculture Consulting and an Adjunct Professor at Korea National University of Arts. Her career has been in arts management and creative industries for the last 22 years. She is leading and participating in researches and consulting services as well as new initiatives in arts management, cultural policies, and arts education in Korea. Her special interest lies in cultural initiatives through which arts and artists may provide transformative experiences for people and communities.

Speaker (Video Presentation)Jennifer HughesDirector, Design and Creative Placemaking of NEA

Jennifer Hughes has fulfilled a significant role in shaping the NEA’s, the National Endowment for the Arts, creative placemaking and social impact design investments. Not having only managed federal, philanthropic and local relationships to strategically integrate arts, culture, and design into comprehensive community development plans, she has also helped to drive an evaluation agenda to assess the impacts of arts and culture on American communities.


SpeakerJae-hyun Choen President & Director, Jeong Ga Ak Hoe

Jeong ga ak hoe, an organization specializing in Korean traditional music founded in 2000, it has produced a documentary concert <Arirang, the Song of Life> series that deals with life and music, and has been working to capture the Korean diaspora in Japan and Russia, and to capture social issues along with regions such as the PyeongChang Aarari Preservation Society and Eunpyeong-gu's Village and Youth Story since 2010.

SpeakerDong-joon Woo Independent Producer

Woo Dong-joon is creating cultural content with various group members in the region to address the common concerns that the community has in Storymerge.


SpeakerSun-joo MoonCEO, Bookstore i

MOON Sun-joo is conducting a variety of art education for children and teenagers, trying various ways to enjoy books with experts and residents, including writers, directors and songwriters, at the independent bookstore "A Child from Bookstore(Bookstore i)."