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Here are some changes of PAMS 2019

Designed Programme to build
Stronger Networking

The major goals of all programs at PAMS are to strengthen the participants’
cooperation and to widen their exchange.
For this year’s PAMS, we have comprehensively prepared its networking programs
so that participants can have more valid chances to meet and to exchange.
At PAMS 2019, you are invited to network with participants and artists more freely and intimately.

PAMS Ground:
Open space, Open your mind

The booth exhibition will now take place in an open space with tables,
rather than the original type of booth stand used in previous years.
You can look forward to this new format which will provide
more free and practical meeting atmosphere.

Presentation; Pitching Session
will back you up, PAMS Choice!

This year, PAMS has selected less number of the PAMS Choice,
its representative presentation program, that will be showcased.
The program will present some of its works as full-length showcases in order to
become more focused and to respect its own presentation style.
PAMS has also diversified its pitching program in an attempt to
meet the different needs of international participants and artists.
Please come to PAMS and enjoy its more simplified and focused presentation program.

PAMS Salon:
Let’s Think, Talk, Share

PAMS Salon is a venue where participants share and discuss
recent issues and themes regarding performing arts.
The Salon encourages discussions on diverse themes
that help participants better understand trends of sustainable
development of international mobility for diversity and inclusion of art.
We invite you to the performing arts salon curated by PAMS.