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PAMS X Journey to Korean Music

home Jung-min Seo


Home, a place where my body remembers the existence of instinctive sounds

Oct.7th(Mon) 19:00 ~ 21:00
Seoul Namsan Gukakdang
Music(25-string gayageum, Korean music, world music)

※ This program is cooperated by PAMS and Journey to Korean Music.

Journey to Korean Music


A trip to a Japanese island town called Naoshima gave me
a chance to rediscover the meaning of 'home.'
I went to the island on a boat and saw that it was in the midst of
a village reconstruction project refurbishing old houses.
This is perhaps where it all started.
I began to wonder what a home as a place means to me.
Coincidentally, while having this question at the back of my mind,
I came to know about contemporary artist Choi Jung Hwa’s studio
which used to be an old traditional Korean house.
Although I wasn’t actively trying to seek the answer to my question,
I ended up playing at that studio every now and then, with the vague hope of finding the answer.
One day, while playing extemporaneously at the studio,
I met a version of ‘me’ who was subconsciously playing to the rawest tunes.
That moment was the time when I was playing to the sound of a certain force inside me while completely focusing on myself.
It dawned on me that the relatioship between home and myself encompasses the past,
present and future and that a place called 'home' finally becomes complete in such a link transcending time and space.

Sound seems to fade from memory, but as the body remembers its tunes,
it subconsciously guides me from the present to the future.
Doesn’t everything start at home, a place where we are born, and form our identity?
This is just the beginning of my journey. However, at that moment, all I wanted was to solely focus on the instinctive sound in me,
and this is how I started a project called HOME.
This performance sets out to record the rawest sounds.
It is reproduced with Seo Jung Min’s first solo Album [COSMOS 25] that captures raw emotions and
instinctive sounds while focusing on improvisation. Moreover,
it is also a performance that attempts to seek the answer of my lifelong curiosity.

Promotion Information
· Director : Jung-Min Seo
· Duration : 30min
· Stage size(W*D*H) : 5*2.7*1m
· Tour size(Performer+Staff) : 6(Performers 4, Staffs 2)

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ⓒWoong-chul An


History / Awards

2019 Fábrica de Arte Cubano, Seojungmin Concert with Eme Alfanso / Cuba(havana)
2019 Sala Tito Junco, Seojungmin Concert with Eme Alfanso / Cuba(havana)
2019 SeoJungMin 25-string Gayageum Concert [HOME]](Jayu Theater ,Seoul Arts Center) / Seoul, Korea
2019 SeoJungMin’s 2nd Album [HOME] Released by Akdang
2019 Memory of the future I, SeoJungMin Concert & Artist ChoiJeonghwa(Artspace-Gwanggyo) / Suwon, Korea
2018 Documentary film <Horak Horak Young Korean Traditional Music> Seo Jung Min – “Gayagum, Over time to support Korean traditional music” by Korean music broadcasting, production support
- Broadcasting Communication Commission Broadcast Communication Production Fund
2018 'Seo Jung-min 25-stringed Gayageum Concert' (Dambit Art Center) / Damyang, Korea
2017 'Seo Jung Min Concert [HOME] (Eunpyeong History Hanok Museum) / Seoul, Korea
2017 [Repertoire of the Year] 'Seo Jung Min Concert [HOME]' (Contemporary artist Choi Jung-hwa's Gallery) /Seoul, Korea

2017 Crossover Nominee, Korean Music Awards Seojungmin [COSMOS 25] Album
2016 Crossover Nominee, Korean Music Awards [SU:M]] Album
2009 21c Korean Music Project ‘Experimental spirit’ Awards
2008 The Music Association of Korea Awards
2008 1st CJ Young Festival Awards

Jung-min Seo

At that instant,
Sounds from afar, foreign scent…
The wind moves me and light illuminates a stage!
Perceiving everything that wavers and breathes
All of which are expressed with 25 strings…

Gayageum artist transforming living moments into music!!
Jungmin Seo is a 25-string Gayageum musician-cum-artist.
She has been working towards blurring the boundaries between traditional and
contemporary music by translating special moments in
our day-to-day lives into music with the 25-string Gayageum.
Her music strives to capture raw and organic sounds.
It is also heavily influenced by space.
She creates music with improvised melodies as its foundations while exploring various
new sounds and techniques with the 25-string Gayageum.
Currently, Seo is promoting the 25-string Gayageum with her solo tracks featuring artists of
various instruments (e.g. percussion, cello and sori (shaman rite)).