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PAMS X Journey to Korean Music

the gap Dongyang Gozupa

On the solid rhythm of the bass and percussion, the oriental tone of the yang-geum!

Oct.7th(Mon) 19:00 ~ 21:00
Seoul Namsan Gukakdang
Music(Korean music, world music, progressive rock)

※ This program is cooperated by PAMS and Journey to Korean Music.

Journey to Korean Music


Yanggeum, Bass, Percussion! All three of these instruments are
rhythm instruments that play dots.
The dots become a melody like a line. And the melodies cross,
sometimes running at high speed, and sometimes forming a curved line.
The foundations of bass and percussion are solid, and the melody of the Yanggeum
that is piles up on them is gorgeous and sometimes giddy

Promotion Information
· Director : Dongyang Gozupa
· Duration : 60min
· Tour size(Performer+Staff) : 4(Performers 3, Staffs 1)

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ⓒDongyang Gozupa


History / Awards

2019.05 Suseong World Music Festival Performance / Daegu, Korea
2019.05 Seoul Music Week Showcase Selection / Seoul, Korea
2019.02 United Arab Emirates Sharjah World Music Festival Performance / United Arab Emirates
2018.11 Daegu Kbs Appears 'Concrete Cultural Warehouse' / Daegu, Korea
2018.10 Seoul Music City Connection (SMC) / Seoul, Korea
2018.10 Appearing on Gugak Broadcasting System's 'Crossing Road of Music'
2018.10 Release of the first EP album 'The Gap'

Best Rock Award of the Korean Popular Music Awards Woo-young Choi (Bass), Do-hyuk Jang (Percussions)
2015 Sori Frontier : The first prize, KB Sori award

Dongyang Gozupa

DONGYANG GOZUPA is a fusion band based on traditional
Korean music and experimental rock.
The band is small just with three members, but their performance is very intense.
The rhythm of the bass and percussion meets the oriental tone and
melody of the yanggeum (traditional Korean percussive melodic instrument).
The result: beautiful, colorful and original music.