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PAMS X 2019 Daehakro Performing Arts & Tourism Festival

silver knife Goblin Party

'Silver Knife’, a small island that sings – and the bloodshed

Oct.8th(Tue) 16:00 ~ 17:00
YES24 Stage
Dance(Contemporary dance)

※ This program is cooperated by PAMS and 2019 Daehakro Performing Arts & Tourism Festival.

2019 Daehakro Performing Arts&Tourism Festival


<Silver Knife> is inspired by the silver knife that Korean widows had to wear historically to attack someone or commit suicide to protect her chastity.
The dancers show various aspects of human beings on stage not only by dancing, but also by singing, rapping, cursing, and resting by doing nothing on stage.
The imaginary island of Silver Knife is where only women are living, and their sharp repressed emotions are portrayed through movements.
This piece shows the contradictory feelings of women who are bashful yet filled with anger.
The piece tries to lead us beyond the idea of ‘women’ and reminds the emotions of those who need to keep concealing something in life.

Promotion Information
· Direction proposer : Jin-ho Lim, Kyung-min Ji
· Co-creation : Sung-eun Lim, Hyun-min Ahn, Kyung-gu Lee, Yeon-ju Lee
· Duration : 60min
· Stage size(W*D*H) : 9*9*6m
· Tour size(Performer+Staff) : 9(Performers 4, Direction proposers 2, Staffs 3)

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ⓒSang-hoon Ok



Springback – Quality dance criticism, reviews of Spring Forward performances - Aerowaves - Dance across Europe

Kelly Apter, Scotland-based Dance Critic, Springback Magazine, 2018.3

PORTALEGIOVANI - Comune di Firenze in Italy, 2019.5.21

David Della Scala, Quasiradio , 2019.5.23

Goblin Party

Founded in 2007, Goblin Party has performed in and out of Korea using
a traditional Korean monster goblin as its symbol.
As the company consists of artists who can both choreograph and dance,
a choreographer or a leader may differ from performance to performance.
Goblin Party places emphasis on communication and is interested in
producing performances that extend the audience’s vision.
Goblin Party creates performances based on in-depth research on humans
who face familiar or unfamiliar situations. Many situations which a human being experiences lead
to different phenomena and to invisible and diverse emotions.
Goblin Party usually goes through human emotions and physical responses
that emerge from familiar or unfamiliar situations and experiences.
They then create stories to imagine and meditate on all their experiences and feelings.

History / Awards

2019 INFANT Festival, Cultural Center of NOVISAD / Serbia
2019 Inequilio Festival, ARMUNIA / Italy
2019 Cross Festival, Teatro ll Maggiore / Italy
2019 Fabrica Europa / Florence, Italy
2019 Flora Arts Festival / Oloumouc, Czech Republic
2019 The Japan Society / New York, USA
2018 SPAF (Small Theater, Arko Arts Theater) / Seoul, Korea
2018 SIDANCE, 'HOT POT' / Seoul, Korea
2018 Aerowaves- Spring Forward / Sofia, Bulgaria
2017 SIDance, 'Focus Korea Dance' (Black Studio, Seoul Dance Center) / Seoul, Korea
2017 SIDance, 'Who's Next?'(Jayu Theater, Seoul Arts Center) / Seoul, Korea
2017 'Come to Danwon'(Ansan Danwon Art Museum) / Seoul, Korea
2017 ‘Museum Night-SeMa Friday Night’ (Seoul Museum of Art) / Seoul, Korea
2017 Deagu International Choreography Dance Festival (SuSung Artpia) / Daegu, Korea
2016 Arco Arts Theater(Small Theater) / Seoul, Korea

2019 Award for the most Successful Experiment / INFANT Festival, Serbia
2019 Choreography Award / Changmu Arts Center
2017 Choreography Award / Daegu International Dance Festival