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complement Choi x Kang Project

Can objects outside our eyes be controlled?

Oct.10th(Thur) 15:00 ~ 16:20
Daehakro Arts Theater Small Hall
Dance(Contemporary dance)

※ This program is cooperated by PAMS and SPAF(Seoul Performing Arts Festival) 2019, and will be performed as a double bill with <Sense of Black> by Soo-hyun Hwang of SPAF.
※ This program is required to make a reservation in advance at the registration desk.
It is on a first come, first served basis.

Seoul Performing Arts Festival 2019


This work explores the fulfillment of the camera as an apparatus
that captures and controls its subject. In the process,
if the point of view(camera) is reduced, the unpredictabilities of
3 dimensions are extended on the contrary, and the possibilities on
other sides infinitely increases.
This is to experience increase in thoughts and imagination from the audience
as initial elements disappear and the repeated transformations gradually strengthen.
Movements are deconstructed and transformed through the eye of the camera, and the camera recomposes the choreography in various ways with its pan, zoom and focus.
Though the gaze of the camera continues to try and control and choreograph the movement,
in places where the gaze cannot reach there becomes the inevitable ‘gap.’ Among these ‘gaps’
new offerings discovered will cause uncertainties through the audience. And as this process layer;
addition, deletion, distortion, transformation and more will occur; and movements will transform endlessly.
Utilizing the gap between the two different media-video and performance-that are with different spatial and time structure, this piece talks about the unpredictability derived from the difference between two dimension and the three dimension and its other sides. This work expands and adds on the experimentation of spatial expansion and the ‘gap’ where perception cannot reach to explore new possibilities.

Promotion Information
· Choreographer : Jin-an Kang, Min-sun Choi
· Duration : 22min
· Stage size(W*D*H) : 7*7*5m
· Tour size(Performer+Staff) : 5(Performers 4, Staffs 1)

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ⓒKorea national contemporary dance company



Jury Prize winning duo Choi MinSun and Kang JinAn skillfully employed video in a smart,
humorous fusion of virtual and real that explored synchrony and separation through past, present and future.
Okami Sae/Dance Critic

The Korean team’s technique of completely erasing facial expressions from the video
could be said to mark the beginning of a new phase.
Kondo Ryohei

At this year’s competition I noticed, starting from the stage of evaluating the videos,
changes in Korea. Instead of follow-the-teacher and direct links to Europe, I saw a fresh,
young identity and feeling of locality. The three units that reached the finals were all outstanding.
That goes without saying for Choi MinSun and Kang JinAn, who won the Jury Prize.
I was stunned by the actuality of the way in which they addressed their bodies, their audience (and the cameraman).
Tada Junnosuke

In Choi Min Sun and Kang Jin An’s “Complement”,the winner of the Jury Prize, this duo, man and woman,
both choreographers and dancers, present a thoroughly conceptual work whose execution is also fascinating.
Thesurliness displayed by the woman is presented with unforgettable humor.
Hamano Fumio/ Senior Editor of SHINSHOKAN DANCE MAGAZINE

Choi x Kang Project

‘Choi X Kang Project’ is a project group based in Seoul, South Korea founded by two members; Choi Min-sun and Kang Jin-an in 2015. The group is looking for an intuitive way to create motions and focus on the process of connecting external devices to the body through diverse experiments. After working as dancers at the Korea National Contemporary Dance Company from 2010 to 2016, Choi and Kang started working as a group and were acknowledged for its possibilities receiving awards and being selected for projects supporting young promising choreographers further solidifying their style and direction. The piece <Basic Dance> was awarded for the Best Choreography Awards by Seoul Dance Collection in 2015. The piece <Complement> won the Jury Prize at the Yokohama Dance Collection Competition in 2018 and was invited by The Place in London, UK and Flora Theater Festival in Olomouc, Czech Republic. In 2019, the piece was selected for the STEP UP, a repertoire development project by Korea National Contemporary Dance Company and premiered a developed piece <A Complement Set_ Disappearing with an Impact>. Also, they have been broadening their boundaries by working on various projects such as collaborating with visual artists and working in art galleries. The group is working actively in and outside of Korea in recognition of its potential and unique style.

History / Awards

2019.06 The Place 'The Festival of Korean Dance' / London, UK
2019.05 Divadeliflora Festival / Ollomouz, Czech Republic
2018.10 SIDance 'Who's Next'(Jayu Theater, Seoul Art Center) / Seoul, Korea
2018.02 Yokohama Dance Collection Company 'I Red Brick WareHouse NO.1' / Yokohama, Japan
2017.11 PERFORM 2017(Arario Museum) / Seoul, Korea
2017.10 Seoul Dance Center / Seoul, Korea
2016.06 Korea National Contemporary Dance Company, Choreography LAB(Arko Theater Small Theater) / Seoul, Korea

2018.02 Jury Prize, Yokohama Dance Collection