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PAMS X 2019 Daehakro Performing Arts & Tourism Festival

Sok-do(Velocity) Modern Table

PAMS X 2019 Daehakro Performing Arts & Tourism Festival
This work expresses various movements with 'speed' as its motif.
Through 'Sok-do', Modern Table transforms modernity into tradition, not the other way around.

Oct.9th(Wed) 16:00 ~ 17:00
YES24 Stage
Dance(Contemporary dance)

※ This program is cooperated by PAMS and 2019 Daehakro Performing Arts & Tourism Festival.

2019 Daehakro Performing Arts&Tourism Festival


Every moment, we make interpretations of various motions and
translate (or mistranslate) the meaning of words. Here is one possible reason: VELOCITY.
People fear velocity when it's high, get bored when it’s neither high nor low,
and are complacent when it's low—we are going to express three different
possibilities of 'velocity' with our movements.
In this work, with a nice tune of the Ajaeng
(a seven-stringed instrument used in traditional Korean court music),
Modern Table shows a 'dynamic curve' in its movements, which is its distinctive feature.
Those movements constitute music of the body created from contacts and interactions with the air.
They are very rhythmical, and the dynamics generated by the variation of this rhythm gives
the audience some intuition of velocity. The connection of those movements is intriguing and self-inclusive.
You can look forward to this work which decisively goes against the stream.

Promotion Information
· Choreographer : Jae-duk Kim
· Duration : 60min
· Stage size(W*D*H) : 16*14*6m
· Tour size(Performer+Staff) : 14(Performers 11, Staffs 3)

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“In the piece <Sok-do>, the point was on velocity itself,
without a plot, restructuring velocity through movement.
The movement including elements of korean traditional dance adds a dynamic feature
in sync with the ‘ajeng’ instrument.
Monthly Dance Webzin (vol. 71) / Kim Chae-hyun Dance Critique / 2015.8

Modern Table

"Playing music in your eyes, Dancing in your ears."
Modern Table, which is led by choreographer KIM Jae-duk,
is a contemporary dance company that communicates with the audience through
intuitive movements and provides synaesthetic imagery and fresh impressions.
Based on contemporary dance, Modern Table combines different genres: musical, pansori, rock and hip-hop.
In this way, the company blurs the boundaries between genres.
On the global scene, it has drawn attention for its universal sentiment and Korean themes.
In Korea, it has been acclaimed by audiences and critics for its unpredictable ideas and experimental works.
With the male dancers boasting Koreanness in their dynamic movements, Modern table is creating its own style.

History / Awards

2019 OPEN LOOK Festival / St.Peterburg, Russia
2019 The Place / London, UK
2018 Municipal Theatre of São Paulo / Sao Paulo, Brazil
2017 Kwacheon Theater / Kwacheon
2016 SIdance(Towol Theater, Seoul Arts Center) / Seoul, Korea
2015 National Gugak Center / Seoul, Korea