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muljil Elephants Laugh

We often face life's boundaries as we take responsibility.
Are we not pushing ourselves to the limit (voluntarily or by force)
even if we realize our limits as we repeat our daily life routines?

Oct.7th(Mon) 21:00 ~ 22:00
Namsangol Hanok Village
Multidisciplinary(Street art)


Haenyeo (lit. sea women) or female divers of Jeju Island,
Korea dive into the sea to gather various shellfish.
The Korean word ‘muljil’ refers to their diving ctivities.
It is understood that when diving into the deep water, each haenyeo endures
a critical moment of breathlessness at least twice.
Only those who are etermined to risk their lives can overcome such brief moments of crisis.
Haenyeo explain that they dive into the water to face death and then come out alive every day.
The crossroads of life and death that haenyeo encounter when diving certainly exist in our daily lives.
For one reason or another, people come face to face with death.
I hope to examine how my contemporaries stumble upon death and then escape from it. 

Although separated like islands, we are all immersed in the same sea.
Nobody can choose the conditions of life themselves.
We owe much to those who endure the agony and hatred present in the world.

Promotion Information
· Director : Jin-yeob Lee
· Duration : 60min
· Stage size(W*D) : 15*18m
· Tour size(Performer+Staff) : 9(Performers 5, Staffs 4)
In Association with Producer Group DOT

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ⓒSeok-hyeon Jang


History / Awards

2019 Waves Festival / Vordingbour, Denmark
2019 Opera Estate Festival / Bassano del Grappa, Italy
2019 Sziget Festival / Budapest, Hungary
2019 Stockton International Riverside Festival / Stockton-on-tees, UK
2018 Seoul Street Arts Festival / Seoul, Korea
2017 Ansan International Street Arts Festival / Ansan, Korea

Elephants Laugh

Established in 2009, Elephants Laugh is an artist collective dedicated to creating and sharing interactive performances. There are three fundamentalaspects to all our works:a specific site, a community and some participatory elements. By bringing performing arts closer to our everyday lives, we aim to connect art and life. In addition, we explore social issues and social minorities with the aim of stimulating the audience and encouraging them to reflect on their daily lives. Ultimately, we challenge people to confront the way they perceive themselves and the boundaries of our society.