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KAMS Connection


KAMS has operated ‘KAMS Connection’ since 2010 and supported performance arts professionals to promote international collaborations. KAMS and partner organisations go share with running research exchange programmes for Korean and international participants who could gain knowledge and build networks with confidence. KAMS also supports the former participants who have developed collaborative projects, aiming to sustain the ecosystem where cross-border workings are encouraged. In 2019 KAMS, with agreements respectively with the Nordic Combined, Centro per la Scena Contemporanea Bassano del grappa and Pro helvetia, has worked on the programme.

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2019 KAMS Connection

No Program
1 Korea-Nordic / Korea-Italy Connection
2 Self-organizing research
3 International Seminar research
4 Supports on the development of international collaborative projects

2019 Partner Organisation

Program Organization Brief
Korea-Nordic Connection Dance Info Finland co1 Promotion of Finnish dance with offering oversea-presentation opportunities
Circus Info Finland co2 Supports for the Finnish contemporary circus professionals
Performing Arts Hub co3 Local and advocacy for Norwegian performing arts companies/artists
Norway co4 Sustaining international communications in the performing and visual arts fields
Swedish Arts Council co5 Allocation of the funds by the danish ministru of culture
Korea-Italy Connection Centro per la Scena Contemporanea Bassano del grappa co6 Support for contemporary dance with festival and communicative platform
International Seminar research Pro Helvetia co7 Support for international communications of Swiss arts and culture

2019 Korea-Nordic international participants

Name Organization Nation Brief
Silja Kyytinen Sirkus Magenta Finland Enhancement of circus-accessibility for juveniles, refuges, disabled people, etc.
Elli Isokoski Myrskyryhma Finland Co-creation with senior citizen who live in care home or alone.
Daniel Perssson - Sweden Choreography with the keywords such as sexual diversity and cultural identity
Freja Hallberg PotatoPotato Sweden Cross-border and cross-genre collaboration works with the background as the director
Nonne Mai Svlaholm Svalholm Denmark Choreography with seniors older than 60 to “rethink the ageing”
Geddy Aniksdal GrenlandFriteatr Norway Execution of theatrical projects for women and working-class as a founder of theatre-group