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Pams Ground

A New Ground for Promotion and Exchange!

Oct.8th(Tue)-10th(Thur) 13:30 ~ 15:30
IEUM Center Gallery(2F), Good Performance Information Center(B1)


PAMS Ground is a promotion and exchange platform for Korean and
international performance arts organizations.
PAMS Ground, a new and open platform gathering international organizations and
working-level staff participating in PAMS 2019, offers more free and
comfortable networking opportunity than the previous booth exhibition,
facilitating promotion of works and exchange of practical know-how.

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PAMS Ground Information

Venue No. Organization/Company Image Country Contact Website Overview
Good Performance Information Center 1 ~ 4 CINARS – Quebec on Stage g1 Canada Alain Paré https://cinars.org/en/cinars/quebec-on-stage CINARS is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to promote and support the export of the performing arts. CINARS teams up with agents and representatives from Quebec companies every year to organize a series of joint attendance at some of the key conferences under the banner QUEBEC ON STAGE.
5 Korean Intangible Heritage Education Development Institute g5"" South Korea Jisu Kim http://www.seoulnorimadang.com/ Korean Educational Development Institute for Intangible Heritage of Humanity. This Institute was established in 2018 by Mr. Kun Su Yang. The purpose of the Institute is to pass down, preserve and make a creative application for Korean traditional art performance.
6 Macao Dance General Association g6 Macao KA HONG SONIA LAO https://www.facebook.com/macaudancegeneral/ An association that strengthens the communication and unity among the different dance companies and organizations in Macao, and promotes the development of dance culture in Macao by building a supporting platform for the industry.
7 Busan Cultural Center g7 South Korea Ju-eun An http://www.bscc.or.kr/intro/ The Busan Cultural Center is a comprehensive cultural and artistic space with six theaters, three exhibition halls and seven metropolitan arts companies. It has been serving citizen needs for culture for over 30 years.
8 Creative Links /
Point View Art
g8 Macao MINA WANG http://www.creativelinks.asia/ Creative Links is a Macao-based cultural and creative industries management service company, cooperative network throughout Asia, Europe, Australia and North America. Provides consultancy and planning services for Macao and overseas artists or organisations, promote those on worldwide art market.
9 Coreamuser-Performing Arts International. g9 South Korea Chris Ryu http://www.coreamuser.com/ Coreamuser-Performing Arts International Co., Ltd. is a performing arts tour and booking agency that exists for smooth communication between small and medium sized high quality performing arts at home and abroad.
10 NORDIC g10 Denmark
Geir Lindahl https://www.kunst.dk/english/
The Danish Arts Foundation, Dance Info Finland, CircusInfo Finland, Performing Arts Hub Norway and Swedish Arts Council promote and raise the profile of Nordic performing arts internationally!
11 Sejong Center for The Performing Arts g11 South Korea Joon-hyuk Yang http://www.sejongpac.or.kr Sejong Center for the Performing Arts was established by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and is a representative cultural and arts institution in Korea. It operates four concert halls and two art galleries, and has nine arts groups including the traditional Orchestra and dance theater.
12 Arts Council Korea g12 South Korea SUN M. OH https://www.arko.or.kr/main.do ARKO’s council members are artists and cultural professionals still actively working in the field and together they agree upon arts and culture strategy. The main aim of the Council is to make the arts more central to life in Korea by supporting arts organizations and artists in Korea and overseas through various services, programs and initiatives as well as grant-based support.
13 ~ 14 PAMS Choice g13 South Korea http://www.pams.or.kr PAMS Choice introduces outstanding works of performing art by Korean artists, highlighting contemporary trends and celebrating artistic virtuosity. From 2005 to 2018, a total of 215 works earned the PAMS Choice designation, receiving strategic support for advancement overseas and going on to great success in Asia, Oceania, the Americas and Europe.
15 KOPIS(Korea Performing Arts Box Office Information System) g15 South Korea Gae hun Byun http://www.kopis.or.kr/ KOPIS(KOREA PERFORMING ARTS BOX OFFICE INFORMATION SYSTEM) provides a database of performing arts in Korea, including information about theatres and productions. KOPIS also supports building foundation for the growth of performing arts industy by offering various statistics.
16 Performing Arts Market in Seoul g16 South Korea http://www.pams.or.kr Under the support of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korea Arts Management Service has been hosting PAMS(Performing Arts Market in Seoul) every October. The primary objects of PAMS are revitalization of rational distribution and exportation to oversea markets for Korean performing arts that based on diversified orientation and creation.
17 Coffee Table South Korea
18 XTRAX /
g18 United Kingdom Irene Segura https://xtrax.org.uk/ XTRAX is a development organization for street arts with over 15 years experience. Our work includes managing the largest network of UK outdoor festivals (Without Walls), delivering international strategic programs (Platform 4:UK), running sector events and producing ambitious outdoor work.
19 Agency&Platform Boboo g19 South Korea Mi-Seong Heo http://boboo.kr/ “Agency & Platform Boboo” curates and connects, musical producers and artist to broad range of music networks providing artistic opportunities. We figured traits and demands of arts organization needed for fluent communi-cation in music distribution that we hope to provide.
20 SIDance (Seoul International Dance Festival) g20 South Korea Jae-yoon SHIN http://www.sidance.org/ SIDance was created in 1998 as a proper channel to introduce world renowned dance programs and its trend to the local scene, as well as Korean dance to international stages. It has been trying to make pioneering efforts to build international trust and collaborative relations among festivals and artists and obtained fruitful artistic results until now.
21 Czech Centre Seoul / Arts and Theatre Institute g21 Czech Republic Michaela Lee /
Pavla Petrova
Czech Centres are a state organization established to promote the Czech Republic abroad in art, culture, science, education, trade and tourism. The Arts and Theatre Institute is a state organization founded in 1959 to provide the international public with services in the field of performing arts.
22 Dance from Spain (FECED) g22 Spain Claudia Morgana http://dancefromspain.feced.org/ We are a nationwide network of dance companies whose aim is to bring dance not only onto the stage and into the local communities but also to the top of the political agenda for culture. The FECED network challenge is to boost dance works mobility.
23 China Arts and Entertainment Group Ltd. g23 China HONGYU LI http://en.caeg.cn/ CAEG is China’s sole central state-owned cultural enterprise that has performance and exhibition business worldwide. It has developed a nationwide market network of international performing arts, art exhibitions, cultural tourism and theater operation.
24 China Cultural Center
in Seoul
g24 China SHANYIN ZHU http://www.cccseoul.org/ China Cultural Center promote diverse Chinese culture through important functions such as training Chinese culture and human resources, cultural events and exchanges between Korea and China, the provision of Chinese-related culture and tourism information, cultural and tourism academic exchanges.
25 Korea National Contemporary Dance Company g25 South Korea Chae-hyun Han http://www.kncdc.kr/ As one of Korea’s pivotal national performing arts companies, and the country’s leading production company of contemporary dance works, Korea National Contemporary Dance Company, KNCDC has focused on producing new works and continuously developing and advancing the company’s repertoire since its establishmend in 2010. Based on a systematic and stable production system, KNCDC works with talented Korean choreographers and artists and enriches its programs further by inviting internationally acclaimed choreographers and pursuing other international collaboration. KNCDC enhances its artistic competiveness further by offering an environment for the creation of new works to enrich the repertoire with artistically exciting, diverse and unique works. AHN Sungsoo has now worked for the company as the 3rd artistic director.
26 Harlequin Floors g26 Hong Kong Annie Shek http://asia.harlequinfloors.com/ For over 40 years, Harlequin Floors have been manufacturing and supplying a range of long-lasting, durable portable and permanent sprung and vinyl floors for the dance, theatre and the performing arts industries.
27 Dance Project EGERO g27 South Korea GUN Kang https://www.facebook.com/DPegero/ Dance Project EGERO is a dance company that is actively performing throughout the country. It is currently selected as a resident organization support project and is working as a resident organization for democratic parks. The group has received attention for its creative work and planning skills.
28 NOWPAN ENT. g28 South Korea Hyun-ju Oh https://www.nowpan.com/ NOWPAN is a mediator which represents cultural contents to communicate with contemporary audiences. NOWPAN is a performing arts planning agency. Our proposals are objectively and rationally based on field experiences on WHAT, HOW and WHY.
IEUM Center 29 The House Concert g29 South Korea Sun-ae Kang http://www.thehouseconcert.com The House Concert is the most popular salon in south Korea for its long history. As a non-profit cultural organization, The House Concert also organizes various projects that help solidifying a basic cultural foundation all over Korea on the basis of their artist network.
30 The Japan Foundation / TPAM – Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama g30 Japan Hiromi Maruoka https://www.tpam.or.jp/info/en/ The Japan Foundation, one of the organizers of TPAM in Yokohama is a Japanese public organization dedicated to implementing comprehensive international cultural exchange projects in every region of the globe. TPAM in Yokohama is a space where people from various places in the world who are professionally involved in performing arts get together to exchange through diverse performance and meeting programs and gain information, inspiration and network for the creation, dissemination and vitalization of performing arts.
31 Ulsan Arts and Culture Foundation g31 South Korea Mi-ji Lee http://uacf.or.kr APaMM-Asia Pacific Music Market
:Korea's first music market to help Korean musicians to advance worldwide by expert networking

<Presenter Searching for home & overseas tour>
·Art Company 'HUE -Musical’ The Holy Brothers
·Korea Percussion Group SAEAM-World Music 'TAGO'
·Theater SESORAE – Drama’ Armor
32 Bupyeong Cultural Foundation g32 South Korea Ji-hyeon Kim http://www.bpcf.or.kr/ Bupyeong Art Center, a great concert hall, has been carrying out various projects to help residents gain closer access to culture along with six Bupyeong Public Library, Bupyeong-gu Youth Training Center, and Bupyeong-gu Youth Culture Center.
33 VIU EL TEATRE g33 Spain Isabelle Bonneau https://viuelteatre.com/ca/ VIU EL TEATRE, based in Barcelona, is a platform for the development of stage creation for early childhood and family audiences. In this increasing individualized world, we are committed to inclusive performing arts as a tool for communicating ideas and emotions to better intergenerational dialogue.
34 Gruejarm Productions g34 South Korea CASA Kim https://www.theshowsnap.com/ Gruejarm Productions develop and distribute cultural and artistic content all over the world. We strive to globalize Korean culture and arts by establishing direct network with domestic and foreign organizations through various international exchanges.
35 Gyungnam Culture & Art Foundation g35 South Korea Jin-hee Lee http://www.gcaf.or.kr/ GCAF support creative activities in performing art and strengthen support for theater, dance, music, and traditional art through various phases, lncubationg for arts ans artists. In particular, we run a business that supports the advancement of Gyeongnam performing arts group to overseas. In 2019, we support ‘Gena Tango’, ‘Nol-J’, and ‘Maru’.
36 ASSITEJ Korea g36 South Korea Seohyun Lee http://assitejkorea.org/ Founded in 1982, ASSITEJ Korea has contributed to the development and distribution of Korean Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA) and the promotion of international exchanges and networking. With around 170 members including theatre companies, playwrights, critics, producers, and researchers, ASSITEJ Korea has worked to strengthen the social capacity of arts and culture for children and young people and to provide young audiences with opportunities to experience diverse and high quality arts and culture.
37 ~ 38 PAMS Choice g37 South Korea http://www.pams.or.kr PAMS Choice introduces outstanding works of performing art by Korean artists, highlighting contemporary trends and celebrating artistic virtuosity. From 2005 to 2018, a total of 215 works earned the PAMS Choice designation, receiving strategic support for advancement overseas and going on to great success in Asia, Oceania, the Americas and Europe.
39 Seoul Performing Arts Festival g39 South Korea You-mi Suh http://spaf.or.kr/2019/ 2019 Seoul Performing Arts Festival(SPAF) takes place for 18 days from October 3 to 20 at Arko Arts Theater, Daehakro Arts Theater, Sejong Center and Arts Theater of Korea National University of Arts. This year’s SPAF presents 19 performances with a variety of ancillary programs: 6 international performances, 10 Korean performances, 3 cooperative programs, master classes and various workshops.
40 Center Stage Korea g40 South Korea Yena Kang
Eunhee Kim
http://www.theapro.kr/ Center Stage Korea (CSK), initiated and organized by Korea Arts Management Service (KAMS), is a partnership with international presenters. In cooperation with festivals, venues and networks, Center Stage Korea introduces Korea’s diverse performances to audiences around the world, thus strengthening cultural enrichment, mutual understanding and exchange in the field of arts. The CKS’s grant will cover the part of the international airfare and freight cost of invited Korean performing artists/groups. And the funds go directly to the Korean artists/groups. CSK 2020 international open call is starting from Nov. 1 to Nov. 22.
41 National Theater of Korea g41 South Korea Rachel Chang https://www.ntok.go.kr/ National Theater of Korea was opened in 1950 and creates contemporary productions based on traditional Korean performing arts with the resident companies, National Changgeuk Company of Korea, National Dance Company of Korea, National Orchestra of Korea.
42 Korea Tourism Organization g42 South Korea Kag-Jin Jung http://www.visitkorea.or.kr/ WELCOME DAEHAKRO is a festival where audience members can enjoy a variety of Korean performing art genres. The annual festival was first held in 2017. Since then, this autumn festival attracts domestic and foreign visitors to Daehak-ro every year. At the 2019 WELCOME DAEHAKRO, diverse await audience members:welcome show for a gala of different performances fan meeting with K-musical stars special performances with subtitles and a talk show for foreigners non-verbal performance showcases and Welcome Theater where a relay performance of various shows in staged in one theater.
43 Asia Culture Center g43 South Korea Ji-Eun Park https://www.acc.go.kr/ The Asia Culture Institute is a primary organization responsible for the creation and management of content at Asia Culture Center. ACI is tasked with cultural promotion, education and research through the development of Asian diversity as well as advancement of the development and distribution of them
44 Ansan Cultural Foundation g44 South Korea Jyu-ri Kim https://www.ansanart.com/ As an institution that leads promotion of culture and arts in the region, encourage creative cultural arts activities of all locals including performance, exhibition, festival programs for sharing values of cultural arts and offer diverse opportunities to enjoy culture to create city of Ansan.
45 Dance/USA AMPP Council g45 USA Kristopher McDowell https://www.danceusa.org/agents The Dance/USA Agents, Managers, Producers & Promoters council is comprised of booking agents and artist representatives for companies and artists large and small, emerg-ing to established. Members in this Council are represented with voting rights on the Dance/USA Board of Trustees.