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SEOUL 2021

PAMS 2021
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위버멘쉬, Übermensch Übermensch Melancholy Dance Company

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OCT, 11~14TH, 2021
Dance (Contemporary Dance)


To a variety of questions about life's worries, philosopher Nietzsche said, “For those who wish only comfort, happiness does not come, and nothing is as beautiful as living in danger.” said. The life created in the process of overcoming the present full of anxiety and anguish approaches us with beauty. Through this work, we will look back at the human being suffering and marginalized by the rapid social change of the modern society. The title of the work <Ubermensch> is taken from the concept of 'superhero', which is a living subject like Nietzsche's answer, and through this, I would like to ask what our modern people should walk on. We intend to reconsider the power of will and the true freedom of human beings by substituting the positive meaning of superman, that is, a human who attempts to self- overcome by his will.

Promotion Information
· Director : Cheol-in Jeong (PAMS Presentation)
· Duration : 45mins / 15mins
· Stage size(W*D*H) : 10~12*8~10*4m
· Tour size(Performer+Staff) : 9 (Performers 6, Staffs 3)

  • 위버멘쉬
  • 위버멘쉬
  • 위버멘쉬

ⓒXione Qin

Digital Portfolio

Melancholy Dance Company

Melancholy Dance Company, founded in 2016 by choreographer Cheol-in Jeong, sees the world we live in itself as art and creates works that various audiences can sympathize with. With the theme of human life such as <Flight>, <0g> and <Ubermensch>, it contains a message with an insight into human beings and phenomena through variations with speed, rhythm, and weight. Choreographer Cheol-in Jeong embraces the melancholic emotions that he faces and tries to show the reach to the future and the ideal by overcoming the limitations and expansion of body language through art. In addition to dynamic and dense movements, he tries to create wonders that turn imagination into reality by using various expression methods in which these movements accumulate and present images.


Performed by
Yunhyun, Kim, Jae-woo, Jung, Gyungjae, Mun, Minsoo, Jung Cheolin, Jeong, Youngsang, Ju

Minyoung Kim

Sound director
Taehyun, Choi

History / Awards

2021 Festival International de danse S.O.U.M‘ / Paris
2021 Goyang International Dance Festival / Goyang, South Korea
2021 Seoul Street Arts Festival / Seoul, South Korea
2021 Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism / Seoul, South Korea
2021 Project sponsored by Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture / Seoul, South Korea
2020 Seoul International Dance Festival / Seoul, South Korea
2020 Critic’s Choice Dance Festival / Seoul, South Korea
2019 Project sponsored by Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture / Seoul, South Korea

2020 Critic’s Choice Dance Festival 1st place
2019 The Korean Association of Dance Critics and Researchers Best Piece Award