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SEOUL 2021

PAMS 2021
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아카이브 그라운드 Archive Ground Creative Group NONI

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Archive Ground



Starting with research in 2018, the [Archive Ground] was initially designed to collect and share physical art-related materials centered on Asia and expanded to overall street culture in 2020.Professionals from various countries were interviewed, and in Korea, non-professionals (audience) as well as professionals were interviewed for individual memories by region and age. In this process, we were able to map with intersection of key words of collected data and individual memories, also with different points.Sharing these materials in an online space suggests that users view and utilize them anew by breaking up and mixing existing history, boundaries, perspective, and frame.Through this, it is a work to assess what art and art workers can do in the future, and it is an attempt to be the art workers themselves a medium.‘Creative group NONI’ aims to promote the current level of [Archive Ground] at PAMS 2021 and to find new interviewees, materials, and users so that [Archive Ground] can be used in various ways. In addition, ultimately, it seeks to create a next-stage model as an independent task rather than as a prelude to the creation task, seeking a new direction of the art work. Find international partners to explore and share this process together.

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· Director : Kyung-Hee, KIM

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Digital Portfolio
Creative Group NONI

Creative Group NONI

Creative Group NONI was founded in 2006 with artists specializing in scenography and the traditional performing arts who gathered to rediscover the aesthetics of the Korean traditional performing arts. In this group, artists and co-workers of different genres work with different collaborators according to the characteristics of each project, thus carrying out projects without any border.
There representative works include [Archive Ground], [G.Round], [Things That Remember],
[An-Nyeong], [역:STATION:驛] and [Life Jackets 304].


Min-Kyoung, KIM, Mi-Kyung, LEE